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Audit Committee

The Supervisory Board consists of the President and two (2) Members. It is elected by the General Assembly of the members of the Institute and the Board of Directors. A Deputy is also elected. The Supervisory Board checks and supervises the administration of the Board of Directors.

Additionally, it checks the compliance with the Statute and the decisions of the General Assembly, it audits documents, administrative data and the financial situation of the Institute. The Supervisory Board conducts a report within its jurisdictional issues and an audit findings report and presents them to the annual General Assembly.

The Supervisory Board of the Institute consists of:

  1. President: Korres Georgios, Professor of the University of the Aegean
  2. Member: Argyropoulos Elias, PhD, Teacher
  3. Member: Rizou Vasiliki, Teacher


George Korres

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