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The 1st call for papers for the 3rd International Conference "Greece – Europe 2030: Education, Research, Innovation, New technologies, Institutions and Sustainable Development" which will be held at Herakleion, Crete, Greece between 7-10 September 2023 is announced.


All interested parties may download the call announcement for further information from here

The Institute

Scientific contribution

The aim of the Institute is the scientific contribution to the field of Economics of Education & Lifelong Learning, Research and Innovation.

Research and scientific knowledge

Promotes research and scientific knowledge on issues of Economics of Education & Lifelong Learning, Research and Innovation and expresses publicly its views on current issues of its expertise.

Network of researchers and academics

Establishes and operates a network of researchers and academics in the scientific issues of the Institute, announces competitions and bestows awards for carrying out studies at all levels of education.

Public events and conferences

Organizes public events, conferences, educational and training seminars on the field of its scientific expertise.

Cooperation with the scientific community

Cooperates with scientific bodies, universities, national and international Research Institutes and Centres of applied economic research as well as with the European Commission Offices and the European Parliament in Greece.

Documentation of international literature and knowledge

Proceeds to the documentation of international literature and knowledge, the publication of Scientific Journal, books, studies, newsletters, text works and other publications that promote its scientific field.

Scientific activities

It advises, carries out research studies with the financing of public and private entities in Greece and abroad, collaborates in carrying out studies and researches with private and public institutions and International Organizations and publishes statistics and financial studies related to its scientific field.