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Audit Committee
George Korres - President
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Dr. George M. Korres holds a doctorate in Economic Sciences (Economics of Innovation) from University of London (QMW) and an M.Sc from Essex University. Currently, he is a Professor at the University of the Aegean, Department of Geography, School of Social Science and Director of postgraduate studies of Human Geography and Spatial Planning. Dr. George M. Korres is currently participating as a lecturer in the postgraduate program of Cultural Management, in the field of Cultural Economics, at the Hellenic Open University. He was also a visiting fellow, for the academic period 2010-20111, at the University of Newcastle, Centre from Urban Regional & Development Studies, (CURDS), School of Geography, Sociology and Politics. He was visiting scholar at the University of Leeds during 2006-2007. Over the last 10 years, during both his academic and professional career, he has gained an in depth experience in the fields of economics, business and politics in the area of European Economics and Innovation Systems. His main areas of interest and specialisation include: European Integration, Social Policy and Social Inclusion, Economic and Innovation Policies, EU enlargement and the Euro-Mediterranean partnership. He has collaborated with many European universities, Institutions, NGOs as well as academia. George Korres has also been involved in various trans-European and international projects and he has published widely in this area in many International Journals, such as Applied Econometrics, Regional and Sectoral Economic Studies, Southwestern Economic Review, Pensions, Sage, Management Sciences and Regional Development etc, also he has published a number of books with international publishers, such as MacMillan-Palgrave Press, Springer, Edward and Elgar, Ashgate Publishers and Nova (New York) Publishers.

Contact -Info:
Dr. George M. Korres, Professor University of the Aegean, Department of Geography, Email:, Tel: (++)30-9721888897.