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Board The Institute is managed by a eleven-member Board of Directors, elected by the General Assembly with a secret vote among its Regular Members with a triennial tenure.

The current Board of Directors consists of:

  1. Tsamadias Constantinos President (
  2. Karagiannis Elias Vice President (
  3. Voutsinos Georgios Vice President (
  4. Leledakis Georgios Vice President (
  5. Koutromanos Georgios General Secretary (
  6. Fysaki Pavlina Special Secretary (
  7. Rentifis Gerasimos Treasurer (
  8. Prontzas Panagiotis Member (
  9. Anastasiou Sofia Member (
  10. Anargyrou Aikaterini Member (
  11. Katichoritis Stergios Member (
Tsamadias Constantinos
Karagiannis Elias
Voutsinos Georgios
Leledakis Georgios
Koutromanos Georgios
Fysaki Pavlina
Rentifis Gerasimos
Prontzas Panagiotis
Anastasiou Sophia
Anargyrou Aikaterini
Stergios Katichoritis